Vengeance – A Plea for Peace


vengeance plea for peace








What is it you seek in the blackened cloud of vengeance?
Annihilation of an “enemy”?
A false and temporary relief from your perceived self-loathing, pain and fear?
Has the darkness overshadowed your own light?
Have you become so vested in the desire to be right, that you have forsaken your grace?
A justification for cruelty and blinding hatred.

Tread softly in the light of your own being
Allow the truth to shine through,
Cast a light
Let your heart lead you
To a new place; a place of




Acceptance for what is.

Honor and embrace your true nature
Dispel the hatred that hides behind the mask of fear
Deny the ramblings of a mind that strives for conflict and disconnection
Call for a cease fire, a disengagement;
of the disillusions that keep you separate from another child of God.

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