As a long time yoga practitioner, I had been on a yearlong break from the practice when I took a yoga class with Jacqueline. She fostered a lighthearted environment that was perfect for the most beginner student to the more experienced student. Her music choices were awesome and I really enjoyed my first class back on the mat. I highly recommend yoga with Jacqueline. – Gail Lafond

I have known Jacqueline for years and her dedication to wellness has always been remarkable. She’s a true warrior herself and she practices all that she preaches.  From meditation to super foods to her work as a demartini facilitator she has true passion to share with the world from her own experience.  I highly recommend working with Jacqueline in any capacity, her integrity and dedication to her work leaves me with no hesitation that you will not be disappointed. Oh and if she ever invites you to her house for dinner, go without hesitation! You’re in for a treat! –Allison Rivas

I have been taking yoga classes 2-3 times weekly with Jackie for the past 8 months. Her teaching style unlocks the complexity of yoga for me and the classes are fun as well as challenging. I have made significant progress in both my physical and my mental practice since working with her.  I highly recommend her if you want to explore your own possibilities!

Dr. Beth Barrett 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to work with Jackie on the DeMartini method. What I discovered through the process is how empowering it was, and how it moved me past things that were holding me back and I didn’t even realize it.

If you have someone in your life that you feel you can’t stop thinking about negatively, or makes your blood boil, or skin crawl, (which we all have at least ONE person that does this to us), I HIGHLY recommend you give Jackie a call and set up an appointment! It has transformed my life!


Jackie facilitated several sessions with our family implying the “Demartini Method”, which was very insightful and helpful ..  to move judgment, critizism, and blaming others in our live to another level of awareness, gratefulness and equilibration. She is very patient and knowledgeable to apply this revolutionary method, and we keep working with her. – Judy

The yoga was awesome. You made sure everyone was comfortable with what they could and couldn’t do and gave options for the beginners so they didn’t feel like a failure.
Your passion for yoga is very addictive and talking about your personal journey with yoga is great to hear.

The Demartini Method is pretty profound. I can see how powerful the method could be when you completely get engaged in it
I know I have made mistakes in my life and I am now seeing how I can learn from them and how I can let go of the negativity

I thought starting with yoga was awesome. There was good flow to the session and I got a lot from it. The thought process was clear and clean which made it easy to grasp.

Keep doing what you are doing – it is clearly working for you. Good luck with the journey!