My son plays hockey and our Coach this year wanted to do some different types of dry land Training with our team. We decided to try yoga!
We contacted Jackie and set up a few sessions with her.
Our team quickly discovered that yoga is not just about “Hot Babes” in yoga pants, but much more! It is a whole body workout that includes core and builds strength and mental focus. Jackie made the class fun for the team and geared it appropriately towards the age group. Even after a few sessions of yoga, we noticed a big difference in the team both on and off the ice. They were both stronger and more confident. Highly recommend yoga for hockey players! Jackie was a great instructor!

Social Coordinator
Bow Valley Flames
Bantam 3

I came across “Yoga with Jackie” through a friend of mine. And not ever having participated in a yoga class previously, I thought I’d give it a try.
Upon walking through the doors, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed.
After my first yoga session with Jackie, I felt invigorated and powerful! And wanted more! She teaches you to understand your body and respect it while going through the many different yoga poses. I attend every class I can and LOVE how I feel after a yoga session with Jackie! Great Instructor!

Sheri Carthy

“The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed”. Thank you for helping me see that, I feel as though a weight has been lifted. – Tami

Thanks Jackie!! it was a pretty unique experience for me, as well… as I have done this a few times now in different settings! It made me feel so much closer to these fabulous women, and has really helped me to re-look at the “victim” characteristic within myself and why someone else displaying that characteristic was affecting me so much.

But to watch my friends have some serious light bulb moments, and come to some terms on a level that they haven’t before was deeply moving for me, too… we talk incessantly on a daily basis from light hearted to very deep personal issues, and for each of us to bring light to each others situations, in a more connective way has just put a new place in my heart for each of them!!

I hope to hear their thoughts as they have time to share!!

You and found this facilitation of yours to be the most empowering yet!!

Hi Jackie, 

Thanks so much for hosting this great day!  You’re right when you say it was a bit of a mind bender and not what I expected.  Not necessarily in a bad way, just emotions I didn’t realize I had suppressed. 
Thanks again for the whole day!  I can say that yoga has become something I’m learning to really enjoy because of you. 


Hey Jackie!!
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday in Dewinton!  I loved, loved, loved the two hours of Yoga…what a great way to start the day.  I have pleasantly surprised myself a few times since by drawing on the Demartini Method to deal with career and personal situations!  Whodathunk it!!  LOL!
As one of the late-comers, I appreciate you fitting me in. 
Take Care!! 
Pam Cairns

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your experiences with me. I’ll most definitely continue to use the Demartini Method . Pam Walker


My personal favorite was the yoga, probably because it felt so good, 2 hours flew by!

I WILL use the worksheet if I find myself stuck on something, having the concrete questions to guide you through is helpful. The values exercise was also very beneficial.

I have been to other workshops and I did not feel the same energy that you cultivated with your group. I knew very few people but felt very comfortable. This is a testament to the tone you set from start to end. – Allison

I had a wonderful day! I LOVED the yoga! I’ve never done yoga for 2 hours in a row before. I loved that it was cardio, and strength, and stretching…and focused. And I really enjoyed your “assisters”. I honestly don’t know how you could improve the yoga portion.

I also got a lot out of the Demartini method, although maybe not what one might expect. There is not a lot of information online about what the method is, or how to do it, and I couldn’t find anything on YouTube where he showed the method, so I was really happy to finally see what it is. I can see how it would be beneficial for someone who has no tools in their toolbox.

All in all, I would say a very successful and enjoyable day!


I loved the yoga workshop you put on. I want you to know that I am grateful for you and want to thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge and for being the shining example that you are. Love & Hugs to you & Thank you so much!!! – Gail Lafond