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The Other Woman

By jackie on May 4, 2015, Posted In
the other womanI want to precede this by saying that the following is not meant to induce shame or guilt or make anyone wrong. What I'm aiming to do here is to dig a little deeper and have a closer look at relationships, self worth and...
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How Badly Do You Want “It”?

By jackie on March 11, 2015, Posted In
runninrhino-434I'm feeling the challenges and the growing pains this week. I've had to release, reassess, make modifications and tweak a few things. It's apparent that some of the things I'm doing aren't giving me the results I'm looking for so it's time to make some adjustments. As with anything...
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The Art of “Letting Go”

By jackie on February 16, 2015, Posted In
galpalsunite.com Is there something in your life you need to "let go" of? Can you feel yourself resisting? Our lives and our values are constantly changing and what may have been important two, five or even ten years ago has most likely changed. Letting go has a lot to...
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