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Why Having A System Matters

What is the value of having a system? I've found myself evaluating this in greater detail. Where do we have existing systems that are working to our benefit? In business, our personal lives, on our yoga mat - or even in the kitchen (the last two being my favorite places to be). So go figure,…
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Five Things You Can Do to Make S*** Happen!

I think everyone already knows this, it's common sense really and it's something your parents, a teacher or one of those self-help books told you more then once. By actually finding a tangible example in my own life(where I was already exhibiting this, "the proof in the pudding") it somehow made it more "real", something just clicked... Anyways... I…
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Intention is Everything

This is a "quickie", just thinking about what a powerful act it is to "set our intention". Our interactions with others, ourselves, the world and of course the time spent on our yoga mat can really be influenced by our intentions going in. Our intention is very much an energy thing. I really began to connect with this idea in…
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