Five Things You Can Do to Make S*** Happen!

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I think everyone already knows this, it's common sense really and it's something your parents, a teacher or one of those self-help books told you more then once. By actually finding a tangible example in my own life(where I was already exhibiting this, "the proof in the pudding") it somehow made it more "real", something just clicked...


I want to share with you a simple break down of something I've spent some time thinking alot about lately. It's actually so simple and common sense that I can't believe that it took me so long for me to actually "get it" and to get off of my butt and put this into action. Part of that is probably because I didn't have the foggiest idea of what I wanted to do or be when "I grew up" (more on how I figured that out another time).  Simply put, the cogs started turning and the wheels were set in motion, when I began with an intention.

So here's how I did it... I took a course sometime last year called, The Breakthrough Experience, I had many realizations in that program, one particularly powerful one being that I identified the areas in my life that I was empowered in (that in itself was huge as I previously didn't think in those terms). So do that...right now...grab some paper and make a list. This is the part where you actually have to give yourself some credit...Give yourself a pat on the back. I dare you.

My areas of strength are; social, family, spiritual and physical. I'm not going to sit here and bore you with the details of why or how I'm empowered in those areas, but I'll use one area that I feel illustrates this quite nicely; physical. Around this time last year I competed in my first fitness competition, it seemed like a great way to ring in my fourth decade, and goes without saying there was some work to be done before I was "stage ready".  I didn't know it at the time, but putting myself through this process taught me so much and I think it's an excellent example to draw from.

  1. Intention; it all started with an intention. My intention was to participate in a fitness competition and feel confident about how I looked on stage.
  2. Education; AKA Knowledge is power. I did my homework...found the experts, the people to mentor me, they created my nutrition/diet plan as well as my workouts.There is a wealth of information out there and it's all at your fingertips.
  3. Dedication; I had to do the work. I hit the gym, 6 times a week(sometimes for three hours a day), even if I was tired or fed up. I committed, let me reiterate. I did the work.
  4. Discipline; Dedication and discipline go hand in hand. I stuck to my food plan. Plain and simple. Yes there were times I wanted to indulge, but I knew that in doing so I would put myself in a position of not reaching my goal. Make a plan & stick to it!
  5. Focus/Visualization; When the going got tough, there were time I felt like I wanted to toss in the towel, I thought from the end. I visualized myself being on stage and created a mental snap shot to go back to when I felt disheartened or weak.

Before putting myself through this process I never would have guessed what it would have given me. It served as such a lesson, not only that we can do and create whatever we set our minds to, but that this formula can be applied to anything in life. I'm sure that if you start to think about the areas you feel accomplished in, you'll notice what the same things I did. I'm using the same principles to empower other life areas that I have been weak in (vocation, finance, education), and I've got the ball rolling. It's not going to happen overnight, it took months of preparation (discipline, dedication) to get myself where I wanted to be for that competition. One thing I know for certain is...

"We reap what we sow"

And that goes for anything in life. Think about it, where have your successes been? How did they come to be, what did you do to create them? Did you raise some incredible kids? Do you kick some serious butt at work? Climb the corporate ladder? Are you physically fit and look great for your age? Do you throw a mean party? Are you an awesome salesperson? Are you good at saving money?

Start drawing the parallels, make the connections as to what you do that makes you excel in those areas and put it into action, get to work on whatever else you want to create for yourself. We aren't bound by having to choose one thing over the other, we have the power and knowledge to create the life we desire. Intention + Education + Dedication + Discipline + Focus = Results

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