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Know Your Audience

By jackie on November 14, 2014, Posted In
fortune cookieLast week, my daughter called me a "fortune cookie". Instead of being defensive I laughed, really laughed...Why? Because she is right. I usually get my back up when my 21-year-old, with her infinite wisdom and strong opinions proceeds to give me pointers on how to live life, but...lately...
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By jackie on October 9, 2014, Posted In

drishtiSo…you’re in a yoga class and the teacher tells you to “use your drishti” , and you’re thinking “What the heck is drishti? Read on my friends….read on!

Drishti is a point of focus where the gaze rests during postures in a yoga practice or meditation. It brings...
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Yoga and Your Knees

By jackie on August 16, 2014, Posted In

The old adage “No Pain No gain DOES NOT ring true here!

Consider this: 1)The knees are engaged in the majority of yoga poses and 2) knee injuries and pain are one of the most common joint issues reported by patients to their doctors. Osteoarthritis of the knee, in which the cartilage in the knee deteriorates to...
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Pranayama…What’s it to you?

By jackie on July 21, 2014, Posted In
Pranayama is the formal practise of controlling the breath. Prana means “life force” or “life energy”. Yama means “discipline” or “control.” Breathing is automatic, we don’t need to think about it to make it happen. Day to day there is not a lot of awareness for most of us when it comes to our breath. Stress...
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YOGA Teacher Training

By jackie on June 24, 2014, Posted In

Disclaimer: YOGA Teacher Training should only be attempted by individuals that have a strong desire to; foster meaningful connections with others, learn how to be a good listener/communicator,  understand self love,  experience profound self awareness , be real & authentic, experience peace and maybe...just maybe  the side effect will be to take your YOGA practise to a whole new...

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Look for the Learning – A Catalyst for Change

By jackie on April 30, 2014, Posted In

“Painful as it may be, a significant emotional event can be the catalyst for choosing a direction that serves us-and those around us - more effectively. Look for the learning.” - Louisa May Alcott

I've spent some time "snorkeling in the toilet bowl" lately as my mom likes to call it - and I'm relieved to...
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