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The Art of “Letting Go”

By jackie on February 16, 2015, Posted In Is there something in your life you need to "let go" of? Can you feel yourself resisting? Our lives and our values are constantly changing and what may have been important two, five or even ten years ago has most likely changed. Letting go has a lot to...
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No More New Years Resolutions!

By jackie on December 31, 2014, Posted In
imagePlease. Please. Please. Do yourself a favour...and don't do the "New Years Resolution" thing this year!   I've spent the last few days trying to come up with something to write about that would knock your socks off, light you up and fill your hearts and minds with...
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10 Easy Ways To Detox Your Body Naturally

By jackie on December 19, 2014, Posted In

Here are some easy tips on how to detox your body naturally. Increase immunity, boost your metabolism, improve mental clarity, nourish your body and much more! Please note that some herbs and detox remedies may not be suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers, or people who are struggling with chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes. thyroid disorder,...
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Five Things You Can Do to Make S*** Happen!

By jackie on November 24, 2014, Posted In
gal pals I think everyone already knows this, it's common sense really and it's something your parents, a teacher or one of those self-help books told you more then once. By actually finding a tangible example in my own life(where I was already exhibiting this, "the proof in the pudding")...
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