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YOGA Teacher Training

By jackie on June 24, 2014, Posted In

Disclaimer: YOGA Teacher Training should only be attempted by individuals that have a strong desire to; foster meaningful connections with others, learn how to be a good listener/communicator,  understand self love,  experience profound self awareness , be real & authentic, experience peace and maybe...just maybe  the side effect will be to take your YOGA practise to a whole new...

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What to Do When Sh*t Hits the Fan

By jackie on April 15, 2014, Posted In

Yup...more like a sh*t storm around here these days.

Of course that's how I perceive it being on the "receiving end" of all of this troubling stuff that is seemingly coming my way. Funny that a little over a month ago while reading a book called "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer I became much more aware...
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Are you holding back?

By jackie on April 18, 2012, Posted In
At the urging of a very close friend of mine, I want to write about something that touches all of our lives in one way or another at one time or another. This has undergone several rewrites thus far, so I hope now, in...
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