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A Former Victim’s Account of Dropping the Blame Card

By jackie on December 14, 2014, Posted In

 Written By:  Wendy Parry

gal pals unite"Everything happens for a reason" “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” “Every experience gains you knowledge for the future” “Timing is everything.”

These are quotes that I have used in my own life several times. Words that I swore I practiced in...
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Pranayama…What’s it to you?

By jackie on July 21, 2014, Posted In
Pranayama is the formal practise of controlling the breath. Prana means “life force” or “life energy”. Yama means “discipline” or “control.” Breathing is automatic, we don’t need to think about it to make it happen. Day to day there is not a lot of awareness for most of us when it comes to our breath. Stress...
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YOGA Teacher Training

By jackie on June 24, 2014, Posted In

Disclaimer: YOGA Teacher Training should only be attempted by individuals that have a strong desire to; foster meaningful connections with others, learn how to be a good listener/communicator,  understand self love,  experience profound self awareness , be real & authentic, experience peace and maybe...just maybe  the side effect will be to take your YOGA practise to a whole new...

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