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Dear______, (insert name here)

By jackie on April 7, 2015, Posted In
embrace your greatnessIt's time my friend, to embrace your greatness... What are you resisting? What are you afraid of? What are you closing yourself off to? What are you hiding from? What is it that is keeping your from allowing yourself to experience the magic of your own life?  The...
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The Art of “Letting Go”

By jackie on February 16, 2015, Posted In Is there something in your life you need to "let go" of? Can you feel yourself resisting? Our lives and our values are constantly changing and what may have been important two, five or even ten years ago has most likely changed. Letting go has a lot to...
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A Former Victim’s Account of Dropping the Blame Card

By jackie on December 14, 2014, Posted In

 Written By:  Wendy Parry

gal pals unite"Everything happens for a reason" “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” “Every experience gains you knowledge for the future” “Timing is everything.”

These are quotes that I have used in my own life several times. Words that I swore I practiced in...
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How To Stop Settling For Less

By jackie on December 5, 2014, Posted In

Let your light shine!

I'm back at it with this "obstacle" business. I've spent a fair amount of time over the last few weeks thinking about self worth and how this directly affects what we feel we deserve. What is it that is standing in our way of...
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What Yoga Taught Me About My Comfort Zone

By jackie on October 13, 2014, Posted In
comfort-zonePoise. Presence. Gratitude. These have been my go to words for the week, and I have a feeling it’s going be a regular part of my internal dialogue and vocabulary for the next little while. Poise – A state of balance or equilibrium, self-assurance, calm, grace and dignity. Most...
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