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Vengeance – A Plea for Peace

By jackie on November 27, 2015, Posted In
  vengeance plea for peace               What is it you seek in the blackened cloud of vengeance? Retribution? Annihilation of an “enemy”? A false and temporary relief from your perceived self-loathing, pain and fear? Has the darkness overshadowed your own light? Have you become so vested in the desire to be right, that you have forsaken...
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What to Do When Sh*t Hits the Fan

By jackie on April 15, 2014, Posted In

Yup...more like a sh*t storm around here these days.

Of course that's how I perceive it being on the "receiving end" of all of this troubling stuff that is seemingly coming my way. Funny that a little over a month ago while reading a book called "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer I became much more aware...
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Making Amends (part one)

By jackie on March 14, 2012, Posted In
About a year ago, I stumbled upon something called a "Legacy Journal" at the bookstore. It got me thinking, "what does a person write about in a legacy journal?" and of course, the ultimate question, "What will my legacy be?" It caused me to really reflect about what my impact is and has been on those...
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